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Where Chaos Unfolds

A journey through Incapa's mind

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  • incapability87@livejournal.com
Time for an update on this thing, meguesses.

I'm a blue-eyed blonde trying to become a teacher for French and Latin. I enjoy books, writing horrid fanfiction, doing horrid horseriding and being an overall pain in the behind. Oh, and I love to complain about the downfall of western civilisation.
I use this journal mainly to bitch about uni and RL, but am occasionally known to catch a case of fandom squee.

Sooooo, anything else? No? Good.
If you want to friend me, for whatever reason, feel free. I'll friend you back. If you don't want to friend me, that's ok too.
Also, random comments on posts are love, though I don't get them very often, what with not being very active and all, but again, feel free. Random comments from (identifiable) strangers tend to result in cyber cookies.